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Jessica Standifird is a well-traveled writer and editor from Portland, Oregon. She has written poetry, microfiction, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Standifird has toured as a writer, publisher, and musician extensively throughout the United States. Her raw, emotional readings feed into her writing workshops, where she works with marginalized communities. Standifird’s work has been featured at the Writer’s Guild Initiative 2018 Gala and the Groundswell Writer’s Conference. She has been a guest on the podcasts LITerally and Limited Engagement, and a panelist at Groundswell Writer’s Conference, NewCon, and upcoming at AWP 2019. She is the author of six chapbooks, one of which, Getting Dressed in the Dark, is used in classrooms in Glendale, Arizona. Jessica has also organized events all over the west coast, including The Poe Show PDX. She co-founded the poetry collective Rorschach Poets along with Shawnte Orion, Bakeem Lloyd, and Jonathan Standifird. Jessica is working on a memoir and two poetry manuscripts. She was recently cast in the Ping Chong & Company production, (Un)Conditional, at Profile Theater in Portland, Oregon.